Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

I’ve been considering Amazon Prime since I got my Kindle Fire over a year ago. There are many benefits, but the biggest one for me amazon-primewould be borrowing books.

As my site points out, I read children’s eBooks not only for my site, but in real life, to my kids. But Amazon Prime only lets you check out one book per month. One children’s eBook per month doesn’t go very far. Definitely not enough incentive to pay the $79 per year.

A Better Amazon Prime Would Look Like…

I love it that most children’s eBook authors offer their titles in the Amazon Prime lending library, but perhaps Amazon should base the borrowing limits on cost of the books borrowed, not the amount.

If Amazon changed the program to allow a member to borrow $15 worth of books per month, that would be a different story. I could borrow about 10-15 children’s books per month. That would be a great deal. And it would still allow the novel-lover to borrow 1-2 books per month.

The borrowing benefit alone would make the $79 worth it, plus the icing on the cake would be:

  • Free shipping, even when you don’t qualify for the $25 minimum normally required
  • Free streaming video content

Your Thoughts

I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you have purchased Amazon Prime.  Do you feel it’s worth the cost? Is the lending library and free video content what you expected?

Let me know. If I get good responses, I’ll post them on an upcoming blog post.

About the author:

Theodore Allen Lightfoot is a children’s eBook writer and blogger. See his Amazon Author Central page for his children’s eBooks. Theodore can also be found on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.


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