Children’s eBook Author Spotlight: Mary Lee

graphicMary Lee published her first children’s eBook in 2012 and is already a successful children’s eBook author. She has six books on Amazon to date, the most recent one being Sweet Dreams, Little Pup.

Mary got started writing children’s eBooks because her kids wanted an outdoor play set that wasn’t in the budget. So, she started to write. Being a graphic designer and working with illustrators for her day job gave her a great starting point from which to write and illustrate her own books.

And yes, she was able to buy that outdoor play set with the royalties from her books.

Mary’s books are unique in two ways. First, she knows that any kids book needs to have the parent’s approval. You won’t find nightmarish or behavior-wrecking material in Mary’s books.

Second, her eBooks are formatted differently than her print books. The text is integrated into the images, and made large enough to read easily on an eReader. That makes the experience better for parent and child.

Mary currently has two series published, both of which can be found on her website. The Mia series kicks off with Not Just a Princess. It’s about a sweet little girl with a big imagination. She has lots of fun playing pirate, having tea with a mermaid and flying with rainbow-swans. In this adventure filled story, a girl has no limit on what she can be.

The Little Pup series starts with Why? Because I Love You! It’s a fully illustrated book about the ways these cuddly characters, Little Pup and Grey Bear, show their love. It’s a wonderful story to read to the little ones you love.

What’s Mary’s craziest story about her writing journey so far? The day she was releasing one of her Mia books, her water broke. It delayed the release a little. But I’m sure it was worth it.

I can tell you, I read one of Mary’s Mia books to my daughter, and she loved it. Of course she immediately wanted to buy the rest of the series, so parents should consider themselves warned.

I’ll leave you with Mary Lee’s ultimate dream as far as writing is concerned, in her own words. Mary’s wish is:

“To quit my day job, move to my own private island where I can write on a beach while sipping Mai Tai’s. Super Nanny would be watching my children during my afternoon daily personal massage. My personal chef/magician would work all day to make a delicious 7-course dinner that magically has no calories.”

Thanks Mary. That sounds pretty good to me too.

About the author of this post:

Theodore Allen Lightfoot is a best selling children’s eBook author and blogger. See his Amazon Author Central page for his children’s eBooks. Theodore can also be found on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.


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