Interview with Children’s eBook Author Sharlene Alexander


Sharlene Alexander talks with about her work with ADHD kids, and what keeps her going as a children’s eBook author.

TL: Tell us a little about how you started as a children’s book author and what keeps you keep writing.

Sharlene: I started working with ADHD children and had done lots of research on that topic.  After reviewing my notes and all the material that I had collected, I realized that I wanted to put it out there for the public.  That was the beginning of my self-publishing career.  I am inspired to teach children lessons about life and I try to do that with everything that I write.

TL: What effect have self-publishing and rising popularity of eBooks had on your work?

Sharlene: Self-publishing has help me understand the consumer more, and what they truly like.  I try to tailor my work to what the consumer wants and appeals to children.

TL: You’re quite the prolific author with 29 children’s books currently on Amazon. On top of that, many of these books contain multiple stories. What’s your secret to getting all your ideas written down, finalized into book format, illustrated, and published?

Sharlene: I become quite a recluse and spend hours in the library working.  It is a very tedious process, but the feedback and reviews from my readers keep me going.

wigglewiggleboomcoverTL: I’ve read my daughter Wiggle Wiggle Boooom!  and Uhhh Ohhh Ooooops! and she loves the seek-and-find games at the end. How did you get the idea to add games to your books?

Sharlene: I want to make my stories more interactive, so the games were the perfect way to do that.

TL: What other elements would you say make your books different than other children’s books out there?

Sharlene: I try to keep a sometimes heavy message very light hearted so that any child can understand it.  I think about how the parent will interact with the child while reading my stories and vice versa.

50funstoriesforchildrencoverTL: What’s the most memorable feedback or story a reader has shared with you so far in your journey as a children’s book author? 

Sharlene: That’s a difficult question because I truly appreciate all my feedback so much.  One review that sticks out for me was a grandparent that left a review saying that the Wiggle Wiggle Boooom book had created a permanent memory for she and her grandson.  That review truly touched me.  Reviews always remind me to keep doing what I’m doing.

TL: Tell us about your book Getting Your ADHD Child to the Aha! Moment: Effective School and Homework Strategies. Is this book a result of your own struggles with an ADHD child? 

Sharlene: I was a tutor for ADHD children and I did lots of research to help them in the best way.  That research turned into the beginnings of this book.

TL: Anything else you’d like to share about your writing? Can we expect any more books from you soon?

Sharlene: I am currently working on a book for adults.  I am not quite sure which direction it is going to go, but I am excited about it!

About the author of this post:

Theodore Allen Lightfoot is a children’s eBook writer and blogger. See his Amazon Author Central page for his children’s eBooks. Theodore can also be found on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.


One response to “Interview with Children’s eBook Author Sharlene Alexander

  1. Sharlene is one very intelligent and beautiful individual who has her heart and soul into what she does and you can tell by the quality of her work.

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