Author Spotlight: Kay Carter

Kay Carter has quite an imagination. I mean, a shark who eats candy and needs an eight-legged dentist to fix him up – that’s wild, and just the kind of things that kids love.

toothache cover

Kay has always enjoyed watching children enjoying a book as it’s read to them, then trying to read themselves. That’s why she writes in a very simple, rhyming fashion. She says that kids have more fun reading that way, and also remember the books more easily.

schoolcoverThe Cedric the Shark series currently has two books – “Cedric the Shark Gets Toothache” and “Cedric the Shark has his First Day at School.” (Personal note – I’ll be reading this one to my son who will start his first day at public school this September!)

The third “Cedric” book is due to hit the Kindle bookshelves in August 2013 and will be about learning to count.

Kay also writes various non-fiction books under different pen names. Topics include travel, special diet needs, and romance. She got started writing after a career in finance (another personal note – me too!) and even documented her own journey of being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2006.

Now, a portion of her book sales goes to brain tumor research.

Kay plans to continue her writing and encourages all those would-be authors out there who are a little scared to start. Her advice: just put pen to paper and see what happens. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I’ll leave you with a great story that encouraged Kay upon first publishing a Cedric book:

“I took a flight recently from Cyprus to the UK. I sat next to a 4 year old and her dad. I took out my kindle to look over the second Cedric book that had been published on Amazon that same week. The little girl took out her Kindle too and she had the first Cedric book (Toothache) on hers too! I was bursting with pride.”

That’s a great story, Kay. Here’s to the “Cedric” books on millions more Kindles!

About the author of this post:

Theodore Allen Lightfoot is a children’s eBook writer and blogger. See his Amazon Author Central page for his children’s eBooks. Theodore can also be found on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.


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