About Theodore Allen Lightfoot

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERATheodore Allen Lightfoot is the creator of two children’s book series: “The Hippo Campus” and “Tiger and Mouse.” He gains inspiration for his books from his two children, Asher, age 6 and Audrey, age 4, and wife Laura, who is an early childhood educator. After years of telling impromptu stories at his kids’ request, Lightfoot is thrilled to create stories to be enjoyed by all.

He would love it if you would visit his Facebook page.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAHis favorite activities with his kids include going to the zoo and aquarium, baseball games (like in this photograph), playing at the park, and bike rides. His son Asher is crazy about animals, which is why various animals appear in all his books. His daughter Audrey loves everything girly–from princesses to makeup to dresses–so perhaps a princess kid’s book is in his future.

He sincerely thanks all who read his books and hopes the books inspire parents to interact with their kids and kids to become wiser, more thoughtful little people as a result.


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