Lightfoot Books Reader Reviews

Praise for Tiger and Mouse

insetEverything my children love in their favorite books- engaging storyline, thought-provoking relationships between characters, and beautiful illustrations are found in this wonderful publication. The artistry alone is incredible. As a parent, the most pleasing part of this book is the delicate delivery of moral responsibility we all have in some way to help others when and where we have the ability to do so- whether they be friends, family or someone we may not even know. Have already ordered extra copies for my nieces!

–Annie B., Amazon reviewer

It’s not very often a story comes along that both entertains and instructs our children. This story is a wonderful example of teaching good values to children and bringing them into a charming fairy-tale world, simultaneously. The illustrations are magnificent and I’m sure all of the children in my life will cherish this story for years to come. This book is sure to be a classic!
–Jenn F, Amazon reviewer

Praise for The Hippo Campus

page18This book is a fun, interactive way to teach children. While getting to know “Hippo Campus” your child will learn about buoyancy and then put what they learned through scientific testing. My grandchildren love the pictures and the “science projects” at the end. What child would pass up playing in water? I hope you enjoy reading and interacting with your children or grandchildren as much as I did.
–JoBobby, Barnes and Noble reviewer

What a fun way for kids to learn about buoyancy! The rhyming verses in this story makes it fun to read out loud with kids and, of course, the “experiment” activity encourages all budding young scientists to explore and ask “why?” A great book!
–Beth S., Amazon reviewer


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