eBooks by Theo Lightfoot

Tiger and Mouse, available in ebook and paperback.

Tiger and Mouse, available in ebook and paperback.

Tiger and Mouse: The Gift of Helping Others

Tiger and Mouse, The Gift of Helping Others is one of the best selling kid’s ebooks on Amazon. In the summer of 2012, T&M was featured on Ereader News Today. It quickly shot to #1 in three categories. It continues to rank in the top 25 kid’s eBooks in various categories on Amazon.

Book 2 of the Tiger and Mouse series, The Pebble of Perseverance, is to be published in early 2013. Keep checking back for the most recent news.

Great Reviews from Readers

“This is a beautifully written and illustrated book that teaches the importance of friendship and caring for one another. No matter if you’re 1 or 100, everyone can learn something from the morals taught in this book.”
–J. Hake, Amazon reviewer

Book description

A rambunctious tiger cub and a hard working mouse cross paths one day in the jungle. A heartwarming story of friendship ensues. Tiger is only interested in playing, but soon discovers there might be more he needs to do. What will he decide?

With an engaging story line and stunning illustrations, your child will love every page of this uplifting tale.

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Amazon: Kindle eBook click here.  |    Paperback click here.

Tiger and Mouse: The Pebble of Perseverance

Cov2 small

In the second installment of the Tiger and Mouse series, these two friends have another adventure and learn a little more about life together.

Tiger has one goal: to be the best jumper in the whole jungle. But can Mouse keep him from giving up? Fans of the Berenstain Bears will love Tiger and Mouse, since these books engage kids while demonstrating valuable life lessons. Share teachable moments with Tiger and Mouse: The Pebble of Perseverance.

Buy the book

Buy the eBook for Kindle here. Free to Amazon Prime members.

The paperback is available here.

The Hippo Campus

The Hippo Campus is a science picture book that takes children on an exciting rhyming journey of hippo higher education. Book 1 of the series, simply called, The Hippo Campus, teaches children about buoyancy during a tour of the campus, guided by the star Henrietta Hippo.

Click image to buy The Hippo Campus on Amazon.

This rhyming, interactive book keeps children engaged and provides an opportunity to experiment with buoyancy at home. Activities include making a play-dough boat, seeing if eggs float in salt water, and gathering household objects to use in buoyancy experiments.

Great Response from Readers

The story shows kids that learning can be fun. Our daughter was very excited to do the interactive project and it was fun for her parents too!
 –Kristy, Amazon reviewer

Based on Solid Research

The Hippo Campus series is based on solid research of the brain, child development, and the topic studied. It’s no wonder the series name is inspired by one of the most important parts of the brain – the hippocampus.

Additional books in the series are now being planned and created. Keep checking back for the latest news.

How to buy this book

This book is temporarily off sale and will be making its re-debut soon!


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