Why Kid’s Ebooks?

So why have I chosen to inform parents about children’s eBooks and their authors? A few reasons. EBooks and self-publishing have taken down the walls between authors and the public. Children and parents alike benefit when more varieties of children’s books are available.

Ebooks are cheaper and easier to distribute. Parents can find eBooks for their kids from anywhere they can get online, and buy them for less than $2.99. Children’s eBooks are no longer a fringe item, but gaining popularity by the day as more parents obtain devices like the iPad, Kindle Fire, and Nook Color.

Kids Love Ebooks

I’ve read ebooks to my kids using an iPad and Kindle Fire and they love them. Children’s ebooks will continue to gain in popularity, much like ebooks of all kinds now account for more than 50% of Amazon’s book sales.

And, one doesn’t even need an iPad or Kindle to enjoy ebooks. Any device with a Kindle app (iPhone, iPod, Droid phones, etc) can download these books. There is also a Kindle app for PC and Mac.

eBooks as Tools to Teach

Ebooks can be powerful tools to teach kids. Children learn all aspects of literacy – grammar, spelling, sentence structure – just as they do with traditional books.

EBooks can be more readily available than traditional books – on vacation, in the car, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment – eReaders and eBooks give parents those precious extra opportunities to read to their kids and for their kids to read.

So if you don’t have kids and don’t have a color eReader, you should seriously consider purchasing one. You and your kids will be glad you did.


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